Wherever You Go


“Folk Music at its best: uniquely fine-tuned and complex arrangements that are always rooted in the raw energy of dance music. Wild Asparagus produces folk music so full of ideas that you’ll never lose interest, and with so much groove that you’ll never stop dancing” -Sam Amidon & Thomas Bartlett, Popcorn Behavior

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Product Description

Wild Asparagus
Becky Tracy - fiddle

David Cantieni - flute, D whistle, bombard, sax, oboe, backing vocals

George Marshall- concertina, bodhran

Ann Percival - piano, guitar, vocals

Stuart Kenney - upright bass, backing vocals


Guest Musicians

Keith Murphy - mandolin, guitar, piano, tenor steel guitar, feet, C whistle, backing vocals.

Lee Blackwell - drums, backing vocals.


Tune List

  1. Contney’s Yard / Heave Together / My Needs (three tunes by David Cantieni, Dig Dig Music, BMI) – 4:52
  2. Superman’s Song (Brad Roberts, BMG music) – 3:48
  3. Baghad Gus (Keith Murphy, Black Isle Music, BMI) / Gus Fuss (David Cantieni) – 4:07
  4. Sport (Peadar O’Riada) / Location, Location, Location (David Cantieni) – 3:51
  5. Love at the Five and Dime (Nanci Griffith, Bug Music) / Father Francis Cameron (John Campbell) – 5:07
  6. Tommy Peoples / Man from Bundoran / Up the Track (Joe Toma) / Glass of Beer – 3:43
  7. Gavotte des Montagnes (Gavotte of the Mountains) – 4:40
  8. Valse por Pété (arranged by Keith Murphy) / Early (Greg Brown, Hacklebarny Music) – 6:00
  9. The Old Bush / The Scholar / Jenny Picking Cockles – 5:16
  10. Mapeking (Spokes Mashiyne) / Lark in the Morning – 5:44
  11. The Big Reel / Rare (Keith Murphy) – 3:34
  12. Wherever You Go When You Sleep (Music by David Cantieni, words by Keith Murphy) – 4:20