+ How can I hire the band?

You can contact any of the four members. George is our main go-to person but any one of us will be happy to field your inquiries.

George Marshall
Becky Tracy
Ann Percival
David Cantieni

+ How can I purchase your music?

Wild Asparagus has released a total of 7 recordings, six on our own label plus a compilation album released by Great Meadow Music.  

We always have a selection our recordings available at our performances, you can purchase our music directly from us via snail mail or CDs can be purchased online at Great Meadow Music, and the compilation can also be purchased at Amazon.

Or visit the purchase music page here!

+ Who is in the band and when did it form?

The main members of Wild Asparagus are:

Ann Percival – piano, vocals, guitar, ukulele
David Cantieni – Irish flute, whistle, sax, bombard
George Marshall – dance caller, English concertina, bodhran
Becky Tracy – fiddle, backup vocals

Ann, George, and David formed the band in 1982, and Becky joined on in

The band almost always appears with the addition of one more musician who
is selected from the “Wild Asparagus Family,” including:

Corey DiMario- bass
Keith Murphy – piano, vocals, guitar, mandolin, foot percussion
Harry Aceto – bass
Mark Hellenberg – percussion
Mark Murphy – bass, vocals

+ Where are your regular gigs?

The band hosts monthly contra dances in Greenfield, MA on the first of the month at the Guiding Star Grange.

The band also has some other standing performances which occur regularly. These are scattered
around the country, from Oregon to St. Croix, USVI. Our schedule can be found here

+ Do you play for weddings or concerts?

The band entertains and is available for many types of events. Contra dances and contra dance festivals are the mainstay of the band’s activities.

– Weddings – the band is well received at weddings as it offers both listening and dance music. Rates are flexible and worked out on an individual basis.
– Concerts – Wild Asparagus has been known offer concerts which include a fascinating variety of music from original tunes and songs to traditional music from Brittany, Ireland, South Africa, America, and more.

+ What is contra dancing? How can I learn to contra dance?

Contra dancing is a living tradition of social dance descended from the various dances brought from Europe. As far as we know music and social dance are one of the oldest group activities of the human species. As such we celebrate the continuation and perpetuation of this ancient activity. This dance form has many of the figures that are common to square dance as well- do si do, right and left hands around, swing, etc. The dances are primarily in the context of a walking step.  Generally speaking the pivotal moment of every dance is when we swing our partner or neighbor.
Learning to dance is easy!! You can start by going to any dance but probably best to go to one that has some sort of beginner’s introduction to familiarize yourself with what to expect during an evening of dance.